We purchased our forever home! We closed on Halloween, but the story of this house goes back a couple of years which I’ll share soon. I’m pinching myself that this house is actually mine after talking and dreaming about it.

I mean, I’ve decorated it in my head a million times. Just thought I’d give a quick tour if you enjoy things like that, too! These photos were taken off of the real estate listing.

The house has lots of windows, which I love because of all the natural light.

There’s a dining room, which I’ve always wanted. There’s a screened in back porch behind this room.

The kitchen isn’t so bad. I can live with how it is for now, but I’m dreaming of a farmhouse sink, marble countertops and a banquette for the eat-in area.

There are three bedrooms upstairs. They aren’t that big in size, but we are used to small so it’s fine. I like that we will be upstairs with our girls.

Later on we have the option of using the den area as our bedroom and letting them have the entire upstairs. For now, we aren’t sure if we will use the den as it’s intended purpose or as a guest bedroom.

That royal blue paint makes me cringe. I mean, I’m from Kentucky, and I bleed blue but I can’t sleep well with that color on my walls. To each his own.

I’m excited for this new chapter in our life. I absolutely love our first home and it’s bittersweet to be leaving it, but I’m thankful to be settling into this home.

A home that is surrounded by other older homes and young families with little girls. I’ve already imagined future playdates and sleepovers and memories that we will make here. I will share our progress as we fix up our new (old ) home with you!