Assembling the right persons with the right skills to develop a mobile application for individuals or for a company can have direct impact on expenses now or later.

Presently paying more for the better developer provided they actually do their job well enough will be the way to go.

On the other hand if you hire the wrong persons, it could result in a good idea for your app failing in the competitive market.

Below is a list of 5 top qualities you should look for in a mobile app developer.

The best mobile app developers should:

  • Be a Team Player
  • Have a University Degree plus Experience
  • Have Performing Portfolio
  • Be able to deliver Cross-platform Development at best offer
  • Have Good Reputation

Team player

App development is a serious business and more often than not, apps that have the best performance in revenue and popularity is a product of team work.

So you want to look out for an app developer that can work well with a team and this may depend on other factors.

University Degree plus Experience

Candidates with a Computer Science degree or equivalent should fit in well especially in solving industry kind of problems. Also because they are trained to attain a high level of professionalism.

You can trust the computer scientists to do the job the right way which will save you cost later when you need to update the app. However, from personal experience candidates with degree level math background plus coding skills, generally do well at programming so listen to them they may have the expertise you need.

Performing Portfolio

In any case, companies or individuals who have completed jobs that are good enough, apps that sell and have good designs should be the choice to make.

A good way to know if the developer can deliver good design that make great user interface and user experience, is their portfolio.

This point is very important because you do not want to have just another great app that nobody wants to keep in their phones.

Deliver Cross-platform Development at best offer

The deal here is that you do not want to spend double or triple the cost of developing once if you want to reach customers who own all kinds of devices.

So look out for a developer that can properly do cross-platform coding ideally for mainly Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices.

Good Reputation

A key check here is the developer’s ability to deliver on time.

In case you are using the service of a big company or an individual that you can do a background check on, you should be able to find out how satisfied their other clients were in terms of timeliness in delivery and other factors too.

However most people judge the ability of individual developers to deliver timely by the number of programming languages that they are fluent in because it is believed that multilingual programmers can solve logical problems faster.

There may be many things to check but considering the above points will set you on the part to picking the right developer for your mobile app.